Andy: Houseboy in Training

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This is Andy, a truly beautiful muscleboy who has gone through some of the hardest trainings that we have ever imagined. We love to torture his muscular body. There is something special in the way the boy takes his whippings, humiliating poses and obedience training sessions. Over the years we have developed the boy’s “slave mindset” to almost a perfection. What if Andy likes to be a slave? Maybe he enjoys serving a master?

And now we have a chance to find out! Physically, this is not the hardest of trainings the boy has gone through, but it is by far the most humiliating. Houseboy training was so intense and full of plot lines that we decided to publish a special e-book, observing Andy every step of the way as he was going through the fantasy training.

The premise of this fantasy workout is the following: A certain wealthy gentleman has followed Andy’s trainings and he loves the boy’s body: his wide chest, overdeveloped biceps, abs and thighs. He loves his blonde hair, decent cock and round ass. But most of all, he likes the boy’s attitude. Andy is by far the most docile, humble, obedient trainee in our stable. So the gentleman expresses his interest to “rent” Andy as a houseboy for a certain period. The deal is agreed, but before the boy is handed over to his future master, he needs to go through a “houseboy training”. Under careful supervision of Dima, he needs to perform basic houseboy tasks while learning proper slave protocol and discipline: serving water, shining shoes, cleaning the floor, playing doggie, serving as furniture. The boy’s tasks are humiliating but he is expected to fulfil them to perfection. Any mistake will result in punishment. We will follow the boy’s training on 193 pages, explaining every twist along the way. More than 250 photos. This is a truly beautiful book of a very special kind of training session. Some of the preview pages are available in the gallery below: