Tyler – Training a Boy Servant

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According to the legend, Ganymede was a Greek shepherd. Zeus, the Head God was so taken by the boy’s beauty that he sent an Eagle to grab the youth and take him to the mount Olympus, where the gods were dwelling to serve as Zeus’ wine pourer. The life of a wine pourer is not easy. Endless hours of serving parties, entertaining guests under the watchful eye of Zeus, who was known for his cruelty. How would one train a boy to a task like this? What kind exercises would Zeus make the boy go through so that he could proudly show off the beauty of his boy? The idea for a new training workout was born.

“Ganymede Training” is a fantasy workout that focuses on training a houseboy to serve a party thrown by a master. The workout we have created is intricate, hard and very erotic. When designing the workout we though that the role of Ganymede could not be only functional: to simply carry a wine jug and serve the guests. The boy was stolen for his beauty: so in trainings there must be a great focus on show-off. The boy should not serve wine any way he pleases, but following strict slave protocol that would make his master proud and keep the guests entertained.

Entertainment is the second important point that we need the boy to train for. The boy has the responsibility to make the guests feel welcome and happy. He must give his everything – literally his whole body to keep the master’s guests happy. This means, that we keep the boy naked, he must keep his cock hard at all times and spiked cockring will remind him always to keep his legs wide apart.

The third aspect is discipline. Zeus was well know for his cruelty, changing mood and generally nasty personality. We do not have any reason to believe that he would make the life of his houseboy any easier. That is why we have combined the exercise with tricks that would make it only harder for the boy to serve his master.

The book is very thorough, it has 150 pages and hundreds of photos of beautiful naked Tyler, who is kept working out for hours. We show the boy from every angle and we take you deep into the details that we put into designing the exercises for our boys. What are the subtle details that the trainers are watching, how we break the boy to submit to some of the must humiliating poses and exercises? This all and much more will be covered in the newly released photobook.

Tyler’s Ganymede Training is another forced workouts classic and we are happy to share the full training scenario in our new e-book. You can also try some of the tricks and ideas out at your home – should you have a houseboy.

We have also added a preview gallery with select pages from the book.