Dima: Special Punishment

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This video was filmed in Cyprus, where cruel Stas was running a very special model camp for our boys where for 10 days he had all kinds of trainings in mind for his stable of boys. But he was specially hard on Dima. The boy had to endure all kinds of new workouts but did not perform to Stas’ liking. Now he finds himself kneeling in front of Stas who has designed a special punishment/workout for the boy.

Stas keeps Dima on the knees, but asks him to bring the training devices he intends to use today. It is not unusual for the boy to see the whip as boys are regularly punished and motivated with this instrument in Stas’ trainings. But he is alarmed to see a collection of butt plugs and dildos that he must bring to his trainer. What does Stas have in mind for the boy today?

Dima looks at the trainer and he is concerned. He knows that his trainings are usually very hard, but he can feel with every fibre of the body that today’s training/punishment will be especially hard and humiliating. He is not mistaken. Today we take our trainings to another level.

After putting on the wrist weights on the boy, Stas moves to the boy’s cock. He strokes him hard and slides on a cockring/penis sleeve that pushes the boy’s cock obscenely away from the body. But even this is not unusual for Dima: he knows that usually he is expected to work out with erection and cockring is probably the only item of clothing he wears to gym. He can sense that his master and trainer has not finished “preparing” him.

Suddenly the trainer tells the boy to bend over. The trainer starts massaging the boy’s ass. Humiliated and uncomfortable, the boy allows his trainer work his butthole without any protest. The boy knows that obedience and humility are the cornerstones of his training. He is not supposed to question the trainer’s plan or orders. The first exercise may start.

The trainer explains that he was not happy with the boy’s Shiiko Dachi pose in the previous day. So he is punished now for his sloppy form. The boy is forced to keep a perfect stress pose with a few tricks: his balls are tied to a 5 liter water canister on a short leash that is placed on the ground between the boy’s legs. The boy is forced to keep himself in half-squatted pose otherwise he will stretch his balls painfully.

But there is another trick – the boy cannot find any relief also in squatting deeper: because he is forced to hold in a small butt plug. If the boy squats any lower, the butt plug falls out. So he clenches his ass muscles tightly. To make his life harder, he must also keep his arms all the way up at 90 degrees – wearing a heavy set of wrist weights.

Stas also adds clothespins to the boy’s nipples and takes the whip. The boy is told to be motionless and keep the perfect form. Any deviation will result in a whiplash. This is a really fun struggle to watch. The boy is in a very good shape and in a few minutes his muscles are glistening in sweat.

The punishment continues with squats. The trainer was not happy with the speed of Dima’s squats in some of the previous exercises. he must now do the squats on speed. But of course, there is a trick – the boy must keep in his ass a butt plug. Any drop will result in an additional punishment.

The session continues. Yet again a butt plug is inserted in the boy’s ass. Now he must do also squats but the emphasis is on form. The trainer was not happy also with Dima’s form in making squats before, now he must practice their accuracy. How to do that?

The trainer ties to the butt plug a key. The squat counts when the boy can get the key in through the narrow mouth of the water canister.

We continue with the boy’s anal punishment. The trainer now ties a bottle to a butt plug. He inserts the butt plug to the boy’s ass. But this time the rope is so short, that the bottle does not reach to the ground when the boy is standing. He must use the whole strength of his ass muscles to keep the bottle in the air. The boy is not allowed to drop it or he will face a punishment.

This is a very intimate, yet hard and sexual exercise where we take our boys’ punishment to the next level. There are more very creative exercises that all target Dima’s ass, which is burning hot when finishing the exercise.