Erogenos Zone Dima T and Jony

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Two boys in their full gladiator gear are kneeling on the floor. They are visibly aroused and their chained speedo cannot hide it. One boy is younger the 18-year old new recruit Joni and the other boy our most experienced member of the stable Dima. Both boys have entered our 1 week long gladiator camp in Cyprus. This is the very first gladiator-style workout for young Joni and we have designed it to prepare the boy for our trainings.

In this workout, our newcomer Joni will quickly learn to be comfortable with performing his workouts in nude and in very close contact with another boy. In gladiator fights and trainings the boy’s intimate parts often come in contact and we want our young trainee to be comfortable with this from day one. The boy will learn that there will be no part of the body that escapes the training and we expect the boy to obey every trainer’s order no matter how embarrassing or humiliating. The boy will learn that he is here to entertain our viewers and bring them maximum pleasure.

To give Joni the best possible learning experience, we have matched him up with Dima who is one of our most experienced but also most tame and obedient boys. Dima brings to his trainings what we call a true slave’s mindset: he trusts his trainer completely, he performs all the required exercises without a question or hesitation and accepts his punishments with humility and gratitude. We want Joni to learn from this boy and let Dima be his role model.

We have selected Dima – one of our strictest and toughest trainers to carry out the training with the boys. The training starts roughly. Suddenly our trainer squeezes and pinches poor Joni’s nipples. The boy reacts surprised but he lets the trainer proceed. But this is not good enough for the trainer.

He shows the boy the correct way to behave while the trainer is examining the boy’s nipples. The boy is not supposed to react, he must stand calmly, without showing any reaction. And this is the goal of the training: we call it “The Erogenous Zone Training” and the goal is to stimulate and train the three main male erogenous zones: the nipples, the cock and ass making the boys comfortable being touched and exposed in those areas.

We have noticed that young trainees may often have a problem bringing their genitals in contact with their training partner. For example gladiator wrestling matches. To address this immediately, the trainer has an unorthodox, but effective exercise. He makes the boys face each other and he ties their cocks together with a rope.

The boys are then told to stimulate each others nipples. They are unable to step back as their cocks are firmly tied, forcing them to rub against each other as they fondle each others nipples.

There is another fun rule in the exercise: the boys must keep their penises erect at all times, but they are prohibited to touch their penises by themselves. So, if they lose a hard-on and must get hard again, they must rely to their partner. The prohibition to touch their penises goes also to cock-rings. If the boy’s need to wear a cockring, they must turn to their partner. The partner’s touch around the hard cock makes the boy used to the very high level of intimacy that we normally expect in our trainings.

We are happy that Joni takes his training quite well and seems to be motivated to please his trainer. He is also not shy in front of a much experienced and older training partner.

In this session we want to keep the boys close to each other, very close. Here we have the two boys facing each other in Shiiko Dachi position. Their knees and chests are touching, the boys’ legs are bent in the perfect angle and contrary to every instinct, they do not step away from each other. Where comes the motivation for such perfection? Let’s take a closer look.

A rope is tied at the base of the cock and balls of both boys. The rope goes through a hoop of a five liter water canister. If any of the boys move, their cock and balls are stretched uncomfortably, but most importantly, they also stretch the cock and balls of their partner.

Young Joni cannot keep the stress pose any longer and trying to get some relief, raises a bit from his perfect Shiiko Dachi. But the trainer is experienced – he has tied the rope exactly so that when the boy moves even a little he will be immediately punished:

As the boy tries to relieve the pressure on his thighs and knees and raise a little, the weight of the water canister pulls his cock and balls painfully, forcing the boy back into perfect Shiiko Dachi pose.

The boys will then have to play an entertaining game, using their cocks. As one boy kneels, the boy tries to throw plastic rings on the hard cock of the other boy. The “catcher” must work his cock to catch the rings and then keep it hard long enough to last through the round.

The training session is filled with creative, fun and highly entertaining ideas to keep the boys working by stimulating their erogenous zones. Like here the trainer ties again the bases of the boys’ cocks to a rope. This time the rope is longer.

By tying Joni to Dima like this and forcing him to perform the “Wheelbarrow” will ensure great stimulation of the boys’ cocks but also perfect exercise that is beautiful to watch.

Joni will also learn some simple exercises for the cock. The trainer believes that boys need to exercise all their body parts and cock is a muscle like any other. “Cock raises” is an effective way to train the boys’ penises.

The exercise is simple: the boys must balance a metal chain on their hard cocks as weight. By using only their internal kegel muscles they must now raise and lower their cocks, giving them a proper workout.

The “kegel workout” is surprisingly intense. To perform the required cock raises, the boy is using not only his internal kegel muscles but he instinctively flexes his whole body. It is a wonderful play of muscles as the boy’s abs, chest biceps, shoulder and thighs all seem to work to keep his cock moving.

The training has a lot of creative and incredibly erotic and intimate exercises, exposing and showcasing the most sensitive areas of the boys. If the trainer is in a good mood he may reward the boys with permission to cum. It is probably highly appreciated by the boys as in the training they must spend about two hours in a state of arousal without any relief.

This time, the trainer was generous and at the end of the training, both boys were permitted to cum, an opportunity which they ceased gratefully and eagerly.

After cumming, the boys were not allowed to clean themselves. To show their appreciation the boys were told to assume the “Heron” stress pose and show themselves off.