Jony: Animal Kingdom Challenge

19.99 $

This is one of our most beautiful boys Joni. Kneeling on the floor, he is waiting for another training to start. This time, we have chosen something especially entertaining: the Animal Kingdom Workout.

In this workout, the goal for the boy is to entertain the viewers by moving across the living room floor in various animal movements. The boy is allowed to wear only a slave collar and cockring for the main part of the training and for the exercise to be counted as correct, he must maintain an erection throughout a set. The exercise includes the total of 15 animal movements, including: “Inchworm”, “Duck”, “Beast”, “Crab”, “Frog”, “Bull Frog”, “Crock”, “Duck”, “Bunny”, “Ape”, “Horse”, “Scorpion”, “Flee” and “Spider”.

The workout is performed in a living room of a villa as it can also be used for entertaining dinner guests. The training is filmed in summer and although it is hard as it is we decided to make the boy’s life even harder and decided to switch off the air conditioning which causes the boy glisten in sweat in minutes. But this is not all: the boy is followed by a strict trainer every step of the way. The trainer is carrying a riding crop to correct the boy’s form or motivate him to move faster.

But there is more. Some of our members have expressed a concern that because of his beauty, the boy may get a free pass from our usually strict training methods. They have urged us to pay extra attention to discipline. This why in this training we have increased the amount of punishments sessions instead of one session after each round to one punishment (whipping) session after each SET. This means that the boy will learn fast that his beauty will not help him to get an easier treatment from our trainers, rather to the contrary.

But there are more surprises for the boy. As we said, the rules of the training require that the boy keeps erection throughout his sets. The trainer decides to make it harder for the boy and orders him to cum in the middle of the training. Without being allowed to clean himself, the boy must continue his exercises, but still having to maintain his erection. This little trick gives the boy an opportunity not to demonstrate only his obedience but also  his amazing stamina.

By the end of the training, the boy is exhausted. But the trainer does not let him go – he wants to admire the boy’s body and allow himself a little playtime, where you can also enjoy the boy’s perfect body.