Lukas: Shiko Dachi

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Lukas is one of our most obedient boys: we could tell from the very first castings that he wanted to please. His shape and form are usually perfect until one day we had a setback. The boy failed miserably in Animal Kingdom Workout. Our members wrote us that the boy’s performance was disappointing, lacking form and spirit. This is why we ordered the boy back for a special punishment session.

As the boy was kneeling on the hard stone tiles of our terrace, the severity of the punishment sunk in. First, the utter humiliation of having to exercise completely naked in our villa garden in plain sight to by-passers. With this we wanted the boy to always remember that he is exercising for an audience and he should never again disappoint the audience.

Second, having to work out on hot and hard stone tiles completes the element of pain that is mandatory in all our discipline sessions. It may even be more effective as whipping, since the pain and discomfort are constant companions for the boy in this training as opposed to an occasional whiplash.

Third, the exercise is physically hard and demanding. Numerous bodyweight exercises that the boy has to do interchange with increasingly difficult poses that he needs to keep. The idea of the exercise is to teach how an exhausted boy can keep a perfect Shiiko Dachi Penalty pose.

Fourth, the punishment session teaches the boy to keep the perfect form. Shiiko Dachi is opening up the body and presenting it to the master. It has to be perfect – so we have devisedĀ  series of stretches an poses that help the boy to attain the perfect punishment pose.

The exercise is also highly entertaining as it offers a full study of the boy’s body from various angles. It is fun to watch how the sweat starts to glisten in the heat of the summer sun all over his muscles.

And finally, the dreaded Shiiko Dachi stress pose. As the boy is forced to keep the excruciating pose his whole body in stress and on full display he has a chance to think about the importance of always keeping a perfect form and never disappointing our audience.

And finally, we ordered the boy inside the villa where he had to show his appreciation to the members who were kind enough to suggest his punishment. Here is also a short video preview: