Mark: Animal Kingdom Workout

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The master has ordered his houseboy Mark to the garden. Soon enough, the boy must lose his tiny loincloth and stand naked in the heat of the mid-day sun. The master has a guest and two gentlemen have started to eat lunch. Then, the boy learns the task that the master wants him to fulfil.

The master orders the boy to perform random animal movements as the two gentlemen eat. The boy must perform naked, except for a slave collar and cock ring.

Sneaking, jumping, crawling in the villa garden, the boy must imitate a duck, a horse, an ape, a crab and several other animals and insects. He notices that all the movements are very much exposing his body, the boy is clearly put on a show by his master.

And that is true: the master is very proud of his perfectly muscled houseboy and he is taking every opportunity to show him off to the villa guests. That means that even during this “show” the boy is ordered to pose for the gentlemen at the table in between his animal movements.

And of course, there is also an overseer, who carries a whip. He is making sure the boy keeps a proper form and he is ready to punish the boy at any time should the boy not perform to his master’s or the guest’s liking. The master has instructed to overseer to be extra strict as he wants to show his guest that he is running a “tight ship”. The boy is punished often and right in front of the guest.

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