Tim: Special Training

19.99 $

Tim has endured a lot of hard trainings and strict punishments. Trained mostly by cruel Stas, the boy has shown great progress. In fact, the boy’s progress has been so good that we decided to reward Stas for his hard work and give him Tim for a very special workout as a bonus.

When the boy enters Stas’ office he sees something that he did not expect. He was expecting a whip, maybe several, but in addition to whips he saw something else: a collection of dildos and butt plugs. The boy knew he was in trouble.

In no time, Stas had the boy bend over and started to have fun with the boy in a workout that goes to train some of the innermost muscles of the boy.

Here are some samples of exercises Stas had devised for his beautiful trainee. “Fisherman” is an exercise, where the boy needs to insert a key into a water tank while squatting. The key is attached to a rope that is attached to a butt plug that is inserted into the trainee.

Another exercise “Lift” is much harder: here the boy must lift a small water bottle that is attached to a butt plug. Now the anal muscles must really work and clench the slippery plug firmly to be able to lift the bottle. To make the boy’s life a little bit harder, he must keep his knees wide apart and his arms stretched in front. This stress pose really has the whole body working, ofefring a pleasant view as the boy struggles.

“Dildo row” is an exercise that we have wanted to try out for a long time and is pretty self-explanatory. There is a row of dildos and the boy must work his way through each of the “stations” where a new set of workout awaits him.

To make it more interesting for the boy and the viewers, we changed the exercise at every station.

These are just a few sample exercises in this lengthy feast. And one more thing: Tim is absolutely gorgeous. Anal workout and punishments highlight his great body even more. This is one of the most special training sessions we have ever conducted.