The master has ordered his houseboy Mark to the garden. Soon enough, the boy must lose his tiny loincloth and stand naked in the heat of the mid-day sun. The master has a guest and two gentlemen have started to eat lunch. Then, the boy learns the task that the master wants him to fulfil.

This is one of our most beautiful boys Joni. Kneeling on the floor, he is waiting for another training to start. This time, we have chosen something especially entertaining: the Animal Kingdom Workout. In this workout, the goal for the boy is to entertain the viewers by moving across the living room floor in various

Two boys in their full gladiator gear are kneeling on the floor. They are visibly aroused and their chained speedo cannot hide it. One boy is younger the 18-year old new recruit Joni and the other boy our most experienced member of the stable Dima. Both boys have entered our 1 week long gladiator camp

Tim has endured a lot of hard trainings and strict punishments. Trained mostly by cruel Stas, the boy has shown great progress. In fact, the boy’s progress has been so good that we decided to reward Stas for his hard work and give him Tim for a very special workout as a bonus. When the

This video was filmed in Cyprus, where cruel Stas was running a very special model camp for our boys where for 10 days he had all kinds of trainings in mind for his stable of boys. But he was specially hard on Dima. The boy had to endure all kinds of new workouts but did

Dima, young Andy, Timur and Alex are gathered in the villa. Trainer Stas orders all the boys outside. first in brief loincloth but most of the time naked the boys will go through a workout that aims to teach a lesson in humility for beautiful Dima. That year, Dima was chosen the male model

Igor is a beautiful young man, who is going to be put through a very devious, entertaining but also harsh training session that we call simply “Triple Sets. The story starts with a letter we once received from a cruel fan complaining that we do not work out our boys hard enough and we are